Striptease Songs — The Plus Size Advocate’s Top 10

by on January 27, 2013 in Love and Romance

Striptease Songs — The Plus Size Advocate’s Top 10

Is your mate one of those thousands of men who just loves fantasizing about a striptease?

The web gives us a clear description of striptease as an erotic dance; one that stimulates erotic thoughts. Some perform it by slowly undressing while dancing to striptease songs, and some do it artistically without even removing any clothes. Others view it as a rather negative word since striptease denotes burlesque queens; strippers! But how does it benefit a  voluptuous woman like you?

So you’re wrenched by the sight of your partner just reading newspaper or watching his can’t-love and romance  Striptease Songs    The Plus Size Advocates Top 10live-without TV show, or maybe playing his favorite game on the computer while there you are filling up the room AGAIN with a vapor coming out of your smoking hot sexy body waiting to be soothed by his so long awaited caress if not so long time down the drain caress! You begin to feel the insecurities again deep within you and maybe you start thinking “Maybe I’m not as mouth-watering as when he first knew me.” Or “Is it my body?” Or has our intimacy long annihilated just like the cruel destiny of other relationships?” Or worse, you might start feeling he is dating someone else hotter than you are.

Oh just wait a minute! Calm down a bit. Those thoughts might be too far from what is the “real” reality. The thing is, you might have been feeling too comfortable knowing you have already wooed your man.

Turn yourself into the kind of woman that a man would never reject because you keep him begging for more!

But just like any other successful relationships, we need to add a little thrill to it. And I do have a superb suggestion. Why not learn a sexy sassy striptease routine for him?  Turn yourself into the kind of woman that a man would never reject because you keep him begging for more! Try it to a few striptease songs and at once see him weaken, drop down and drool right before you!
If it is your first time doing a striptease, you can visit some strip clubs with your closest friends. Observe someone get a lap dance if possible then try to practice a few dances when you’re alone at home  in order to learn how to do one. Here is also a good video you can watch.

“How to Striptease for Beginners”

Now, if you are already into stripping, you might as well try these moves just to add more flavor. There are a lot more videos this author can provide you.  Striptease Lessons

Top Ten Striptease Songs

When choosing  “The Plus Size Advocate’s”  top ten striptease songs we did not focus on the all time top ten. Instead we wanted it to be more recent songs that you know and can relate to. Secondly we wanted songs with good striptease music. Finally and most important we chose songs that evoked erotic thoughts and feelings.

Here are the Plus Size Advocate’s top ten striptease song countdown from number 10.

10. “Girls Kiss Girls” –  Pittsburgh Slim

9. “Boots And Boys” Stacy Sephora

8. “Dance for You” – Beyonce

7. “Step into my World” – Jennifer Lopez

6 “I’m In To You” Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne

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